Art As Expression

Why am I an “Artist”?

Why I am an artist and why I continue creating is something I want to share. Creating is another language to me that I can’t speak with words. With paints, a paint brush, lines, colors, shades, and a canvas I can create something that no one else has ever thought of before. I can express raw emotion which can not be captured by someone’s words or actions. You see it is through colors and shapes that we can see a reflection of what we see. We are designed to create. I create because it feels freeing. It is as if I release a part of me and show it to others when I make something new. As an artist, If I stop creating, I feel terrible and like I’m not growing. If I don’t show others what I make, and I hide it, then I am holding back something that could speak to someone a story which they have never heard before. A memory realized or a time and place they are reminded of through something I created. A healing touch or word, a feeling of peace like no other, or maybe it is the hue or color that they see that allows their mind to overcome an obstacle. I know for me, when I create it’s that and so much more. You see, to create a canvas or painting is not just a “hobby”, it’s an expression like a language. One that if not used, I feel mute. So next time you are looking at someone’s art, really look at it. Look at it for a while and allow yourself to go to the place the artist was at when they created it. It’s so much more than “art”, It’s an expression of the soul.



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